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Have you ever heard the saying “It’s Not What You know but Who you know? Of course you have, and so have we! It was this proverb that gave birth to: Collision Connections.Collision Connections is the first company of its kind! Innovative and resourceful, Collision Connections is the burgeoning company that brings together Personal Injury Firms & Collision Repair Centers, both bound by their zeal for restoring clients who have been in an auto accident.

For Personal Injury firms that want to maximize their recovery potential for clients, Collision Connections provides an invaluable amount of assistance. From thoroughly documenting the full extent of damage sustained to a clients vehicle, to obtaining a Diminished Value Report,there’s no limits to what our professionals will do! Providing incalculable assistance as your firm takes on the arduous task of making clients whole after an accident is why we were created.

For Collision Center owners who want the insurance jobs without the tyranny of the insurance company, Collision Connections is your answer! Because we have spent a great deal of time edifying injury firms as to why they should be dealing with you instead of the insurance company’s select shops, a path for continuous work has been created. Collision Connections manages the relationships with the Personal Injury Firms on your behalf to ensure a steady stream of insurance work without caps is being funneled to you.

Collision Connections also works with local dealerships that want quality repair work coupled with maximum efficiency. Collision centers in our network services an array of company fleet vehicles and readily welcomes the opportunity for more.


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Our vision is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional assistance by carefully guiding those who suffered personal injury & property damage in automobile accidents. We recognize that each one of our client’s cases is important and that the outcome of the cases seriously affects their client’s future.


Our mission is to assist our clients in preparing and presenting the strongest case possible to obtain maximum recovery and compensation. We strive to help our clients achieve a just settlement for their client’s accident related injuries and other losses.
At Collision Connections, we promise to take the time and effort necessary to ensure that we completely understand the complexities of each case and what it will take to win them.
Our trained team of professionals will ensure that the rights of those entrusted to us are protected and we will assist you in recognizing all elements of your client’s damages.